Oncology Esthetics. How cosmetic and holistic therapies may benefit Suncoast residents recovering from cancer

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No matter how forewarned or how ready you think you are, it's always a terrible shock when your hair falls out following cancer treatment.

Owner of Lasting Looks of Sarasota, Mary McAndrews said, "When women are losing their hair, or men losing their hair or eyebrows or eyelashes, there is such a need for knowledge about how to get the hair to grow back as well as what skin conditions occur, what nail conditions occur, and in massage how to self soothe while your feeling so nauseous from chemo and radiation."

A Focus of Lasting Looks is oncology esthetics helping those effected by cancer treatments build back their self esteem.

"I also do nipple tattooing to bring them back to normalcy and see what the nipple/areola used to look like"

Eyebrows, lashes and nipples are all created with the art of tattoo. McAndrews said that the nipple tattooing takes about an hour and a half and can be performed in three to four sessions. She explained what can be done if a nipple has been surgically created.

"And I can go ahead and tattoo the areola portion around it then actually tattoo over the nipple that's been attached, but if they have none then I can create a three dimensional effect so that you can see more depth."

 This is the reaction does she get when her clients first look in the mirror after having the restoration treatments."It makes all the pain that they've been through the radiation that they've been through the first time that they were told that they have cancer, all of those hard memories get faded into the background."

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