When should Suncoast children get a back to school physical?

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We’re in the heart of summer, but it’s also the time when parents should start thinking about getting their children into the pediatrician for their back to school physical.

Dr. Kim Giuliano of Cleveland Clinic Children's said the back to school check-up should be an annual event, no matter how healthy your child appears to be at the time.

“The most important parts of the physical exam are their growth and development.  She said, "How much they’ve changed over the past year. And of course, we do a head to toe exam looking at all of their organs, listening to heart and lungs and making sure that we don’t detect any issues like hearing or vision problems that could cause impairment in the upcoming school year.“

During the physical exam the pediatrician will look for stomach or joint problems, a hernia and skin check will also be performed.

DR. Giuiliano said, if your child has been having any consistent health issues, be sure to bring it up, in fact, she suggests to feel free to bring a written list of questions to your child’s visit.

“The discussion that a family has with the pediatrician is almost more valuable than the actual physical exam." She explained, "The physical exam is still extremely important to help detect new problems, but the interaction that the family has with the pediatrician is extremely important.“

DR. Giuliano adds the discussion should include any ailments or psychological issues your child may have had during the previous school year, also, talk about their vaccination record and whether or not it’s up-to-date.

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