What you should know about your eye make-up

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Millions of women nationwide want bigger, brighter more beautiful eyes. and to accommodate us the cosmetic industry is happy to bombard us with a plethora of eye make up products to help us achieve this, but some of these products may also offer an ugly side to seeking beauty.

"Dry eyes is probably the number one, any type of dryness to the eye can make an effect with allergies, infections." Said Donna L. Shotwell, D.O. of Sarasota.

Many women suffer dry, itchy watery eyes caused by a reaction to eye makeup, these are just a few side effect of ingredients that may not even be listed on the container.

"I think the most serious thing is definitely infections they can turn into ulcers and you can actually have loss of vision." She said.

One easy precaution to help avoid an infection is to replace your liquid eye make up, including liner and mascara. Dr. Shotwell suggested, "A nice way to remember is through each season when it becomes fall you change your mascara, when its winter you change your mascara, that way you can really protect your eyes against any types of infections.That seems to be more prone to infections than any kind of dry make up and powder"

The chemicals and ingredients may affect more than your eyes.

"Patients with reactions to make up have dry, red itchy skin" Said Sarasota based allergist, Hugh H. Windom. These are symptoms that you may be allergic to ingredients that you may never consider would be in your eye makeup.

"There are multiple chemicals in eye makeup and foundation, mascara, eyeliner even thymerasol which is in vaccines." he cautioned and here is what you can do to find out if you are allergic said Dr. Windom, "So we can patch test people to these various chemicals to help identify which substance is the trigger that causes their problem. Then they can go out and seek or avoid that particular one."

Be cautious about trying on make up when shopping as you never know who was there before you, and know where to apply your liner, said Dr. Shotwell, "Eyeliner should never be applied up toward the eye it should be applied below your lash line, because above the lash line is where all the glands are and they secrete some of the tears and lots of times you get sty's and infections in those glands."

There are websites, including the environmental working groups skin deep, that rate the safety and analyze ingredients of makeup, so, there is an opportunity to weigh the risk versus benefit of lengthening those lashes or enhancing our eyelids, and then there is always the choice of facing the world bare faced, which many of us do.

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