Visual program improves baseball players' game

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New evidence shows that with a little practice on a visual training program the brain can learn to see better, according to a study by the University of California.

For the study, Riverside baseball players were asked to participate in a training game. Their tasks were to find and select visual patterns modeled after stimuli to which neurons in the early visual cortex of the brain respond best. As the game continued, the patterns were made dimmer and dimmer.

After the two-month training, players reported seeing the ball much better, greater peripheral vision, easy to see farther, able to distinguish lower-contrasting things, and stronger-feeling eyes. The players also showed greater improvements in their game than expected, getting more runs and less strike-outs. The results showed some of the players to have increased vision better than twenty-twenty. “The demonstration that seven players reached 20/7.5 acuity—the ability to read text at three times the distance of a normal observer—is dramatic and required players to stand forty feet back from the eye chart in order to get a measurement of their vision," study author Aaron Seitz was quoted as saying.

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