Video Games Could Help Dyslexic People Read

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A new study shows people with dyslexia have greater difficulty than typical readers when it comes to managing competing sensory cues. Participants in the study were asked to push a button as quickly as possible when they heard a sound, saw a flash, or both.

The results showed dyslexic people were slower at pressing the button when a sound followed a flash, than vice-versa. “We think that people with dyslexia might learn associations between letters and their sounds faster if they first hear the sound and then see the corresponding letter or word,” study author Vanessa Harrar, of Oxford University, was quoted as saying. “Action video games have been shown to improve multitasking skills and might also be beneficial in improving the speed with which people with dyslexia shift attention from one task, or sense, to another.” Hagar added action games might also improve literacy skills in those with dyslexia, who represent five to ten-percent of the population.

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