The presents, the family, food and the holiday pressure.

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There are many reasons the holiday season can trigger more stress than cheer on the Suncoast. But, what sets you off?

One holiday shopper at Costco in Sarasota said, there's just not enough time.

"I am so stressed, are you kidding me? My goodness, I've never been so stressed." She said the holiday to-do list is long. "Its cooking, getting clothing ready, making sure that we have something for everyone."

Suncoast mother of six, Dana Dale said the expense of holiday gifts are a challenge. "One simple gift that could be just this big, three-dollars, adds up very quickly." and small gifts take their toll she explained. "It can get a little disheartening when you start adding it all up and all the dollar signs that come attached to it."

Stress triggers are different for everyone said Jessica Barbare, O.D. of Cardiovascular Solutions Institute "The heart is very sensitive to stress of any kind, anxiety, stress, worry, fears." She added, "Paying the bills for the Christmas expenses, buying the presents, sometimes people are stressing about travel, also there's a lot going on, parties, and events."

The action of others and the stress that's involved with relationships during the holiday, can contribute to your mood said Michael Fitzgerald, R.N. of Serenity Place at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. And spending time with family you may not normally interact with brings its own set of problems. "They can definitely bring some of the unresolved issues that are there in the family to the table." Said Fitzgerald.

It's not a heart problem but a broken heart that saddens Jay Burzon. His biggest stress is not having a wife, he said. "I was married fifty-one years, lost my wife eight years ago, and its not fun without one." But, he is hopeful and has tips for getting through the holidays.

He encouraged, "Go to events provided by the community and by friends of mine, keep myself active socially, athletically and search."

Fitzgerald concurred, "You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, at a local pet shelter, volunteer to do some activities in the community that have to do with brightening up the season for those less fortunate."

For Dale, the holiday stress pays off on present opening day. "That's the moment when its all worth it, that's when the joy culminates from all the hard labor." And, she added that she delegates clean-up duty for the whole family so that they are all contributing.