The not so sweet secrets of sugar hiding in your food

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There are many sugars hidden in foods that you may never think of, and the quantity of the sweet stuff may boggle your mind.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Bonni London, R.D.N., of London Wellness explained that while people think they are doing something healthy for themselves by ordering a salad, the salad dressing alone can contain as much as two table-spoons of sugar.

London said. "Tomato sauce is a huge source of sugar, up to ten tea-spoons are in a serving which is about quarter of a cup."

Breads, soups, even certain meats have added sugar said London.

"Yogurt is a huge source of sugar." Explained London, "People don't realize they are actually eating dessert for breakfast."

And granola, considered by many as the healthiest of snacks said London is often packed with sugar.

London suggests checking food labels to see the amount of sugars in your foods, which explained London may not be so easy as there are now 61-different names for sugar".

London named a few. "Sucrose, fructose, maltose, glucose, any thing that ends with ose."

London explained why there is a shift back toward things like the Atkins Diet. "When we got rid of fat, what did we replace it with? Sugar, and in the past decades there has been an explosion of obesity and chronic diseases that go along with it."

London states that we don't need sugar at all, and you should try to avoid it whenever possible.