The many reasons why Florida has the second highest rate of uninsured.

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Its official, the new census figures just released confirmed Florida has the nation's second-highest rate of residents without health insurance, and some local residents are concerned and confused.

"Its incredible," Said Harold Bradshaw, "I just don't understand why it would be that way, I don't know if its because of our leadership here in the State or what but, its not a good thing."

This is one reaction to the news that Florida has the nations second highest rate of residents without health insurance. According to new census figures released, almost one in four Floridians under the age of sixty-five lack health insurance.

Lyn Ryan of Florida Blue in Sarasota explained why numbers may be high. "From our perspective much of it is because they don't feel that its affordable for them, and as well as some people don't feel that they need insurance," She elaborated, "Many of them are young, and I'm young and I'm healthy and Ive never had to go to the doctor and I'm never going to get sick."

Another reason for the numbers of uninsured may be because its all so confusing. Lakewood Ranch residents, the Bradshaw's have health insurance yet still needed guidance.

"I don't understand it, it is confusing I don't understand it at all that's why were here to see if we can get some clarity." Said Harold Bradshaw.

According to the associated press, Florida's large number of small businesses which currently aren't required to provide health insurance as well as its tourism based economy and a large number of workers in service jobs have contributed to the historic high rate of the uninsured.

"Many people feel that the rates will increase during Health Care Reform," Said Ryan, "And that will vary based on whether someone might be eligible for a subsidy or not."

Some are adopting a wait and see approach in hope of a better deal, but said Sheila Bradshaw we want the very best in healthcare and it does cost.  "We all have to share and give for the best of everyone."

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