The importance of diabetic foot care especially in the summer

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For diabetics, foot and wound care is a year-round job, but it gets particularly tricky in warm weather.

According to a study, about 15% of diabetics will develop ulcers on their feet at some point in their lives.  24% of those who do develop ulcers will need an amputation due to infections and other complications.

Summer shoes, such as sandals may put added pressure on the feet, and increased body heat leads to foot swelling, So its especially important to pay special attention to the feet, especially in the summer.

Some tips to help keep your tootsies healthy are, avoid walking barefoot, and always opt for comfortable shoes instead of strappy ones, which put more pressure on smaller areas of the feet and encourage pressure sores.  Treat corns, calluses, and sores with certified diabetes supplies.  Moisturize the feet daily.  Wear therapeutic insoles as often as possible.  And contact a physician when you notice an ulcer for the first time, if an ulcer feels hot to the touch, or if the condition worsens.

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