Technological advances make for investments and healthier choices

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TONEY, Ala.-(WAAY) A tax incentive has farmers spending more but offering healthier choices to consumers.  Back in 2012 farmers were given a one time tax credit up to $10,000 on investments in irrigation systems and ponds.  As of last year that tax credit can now be used over a number of years.  

Farmer Brandon Moore from Moore Farms provides insight on how the credit has served their farm and crops.  "We know that having that tax relief can take some of the edge off of some of the irrigation.  It's very expensive.  It's a long term  investment."

Having an expensive price tag tied to an important piece of equipment makes for ways of making the system a bit more user friendly.  Farmer Moore can control when the system turns off and on with just a simple push of a button on his iPhone, iPad or computer.  If something goes wrong of if a sprinkler fails the system will automatically give him a call.  

Even though these systems are expensive they end up being the right piece to maturing healthier crops.