Taking the mystery out of mammograms

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Many women avoid getting mammograms. It may be the cost, the time commitment or the possibility of pain and fear of the unknown. But, a mammogram is simply an X-ray picture of the inside of your breast.

It can find cancer at a very early stage, possibly even before you can detect the lump in a breast self exam, and, the importance of breast cancer screening should far outweigh your objections.

Women want to stay healthy for many reasons getting a mammogram is quick, and easy and, despite the "stigma" that surrounds mammograms, the procedure is

not painful. There may be the slightest bit of discomfort caused by pressure from the compression, and that's about as bad as it gets.

Mammography can even be performed during a lunch break. You register, get changed, fil out your history and get the mammogram, then you're done.

All women should get regular screenings including mammograms, so that we can arm ourselves against breast cancer. if you have questions or concerns about the process call and have a professional explain the steps to you.

A mammogram is not something to be afraid of, and early detection could save your life.

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