Sunscreen safety, effectiveness and myths

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A new article from Consumer Reports claims the sunscreen you're using may not protect you and your family as much as you might think.

In tests of 20 sunscreens, Consumer Reports says it found only two provided the SPF promised on the label.

Consumer Reports also claiming to debunk what it calls common myths about sunscreen.

Myth number one?  That kids need a special formula.

Consumer Reports says manufacturers often use the same active ingredients in the same concentration for both kids sunscreens and other sunscreens.

Myth number two? That spray sunscreens provide the best coverage.

Consumer Reports says sprays are effective if used correctly but they also note that it's difficult to judge how much spray you're using and where, which can lead to less coverage, and there are risks because many are flammable.

Of course, there is something Consumer Reports does not dispute that forgoing sunscreen all together is the worst option by far.

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