2014 Suncoast residents reap health and wellness benefits started in 2013

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Lets take a look at the year ahead in Suncoast health.

2013 was an exciting year for medical growth and hospitals in our Suncoast community.

Now, new expansion, mergers, technology and procedures are in place, and ready to benefit you in 2014

New mom Janet Valerio would have been in a crowded room in the old NICU unit at SMH.  But, now she benefits from the 250 million-dollar expansion. "Just being able to have our own room, the privacy its very helpful." She said.

Baby Isabella weighed 2lbs 14 ounces when she was born in November, she has been in the NICU since then and has doubled her weight.

"The opening of this nine story new bed tower that allows us to bring the very latest in technology to our women and children's services, cardiac and orthopedics." Said SMH President and CEO Gwen MacKenzie.  All floors at the new tower are now open.

Blake Medical Center dedicated a hybrid O.R. for their minimally invasive TAVR procedure for those unable to tolerate a traditional aortic valve replacement operation. They have a whole team of medical professionals specially trained in TAVR and now celebrate their one year anniversary of offering the procedure to their patients.

Gino Sedillo, M.D. explained how the surgery works, "This TAVR procedure can be done through the groin, through the femoral artery or right through the chest wall through a key hole approach."

If you suffer from a bad back, doctors hospital of Sarasota has a new robot called the Mazur.

CEO Bob Meade says they are the only ones in South West Florida with this technology, and one of only 35 in the U.S. "We've had a number of patients with more complex cases," Said Meade, "More scoliosis this types of patients and so forth had to leave the community to travel to places like Shands and Tampa General

Now, they wont have to travel said Meade.  The benefits of Mazur spinal surgery are a shorter recovery time and a better outcome.

Other big changes still in progress include, Venice Regional Medical Center, Charlotte Regional Medical Center and Peace River Regional Medical are becoming part of Bayfront Health's seven hospital network.

Combined they bring more than 61-hundred healthcare professionals to accommodate more patients and offer better services with improved outcomes

All three hospitals will be changing their names.

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