Study finds self-administered test for Alzheimer's and dementia screening is a positive one

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A new study finds a self administered test for Alzheimer's screening may be a cost effective, and easy way to to spot the first signs of the disease.

Memory loss, changes in mood or personality and language problems are all early signs of dementia. Now, the simple written test that you access online and can take at home may be a useful tool in the screening process.

A pen, paper and a couple of minutes of your time, is all it you need.

The SAGE (Self Administered Gerocognitive Examination) test is a good sensitive tool that can reveal a lot about a persons mind. Words, drawings and problem solving are all components of the test which takes only about ten to fifteen-minutes.

Tim Twining, SLP of Doctor's Hospital of Sarasota said, "A lot of people with Alzheimer's have trouble with word recall, thinking of the names of things and even common objects."

The SAGE test serves as a baseline you can take to your primary care physician who can perform follow-ups over time to see if there is a decline in cognitive function.

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