Stroke prevention tips you can use

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Suffering a stroke can derail your life, but, there are some critical steps you can take to prevent that from happening.

A new study shows middle aged women suffering with depression are almost twice as likely to have a stroke. Here are five ways to lower those odds.

One solution may be to get a dog. Studies show women who walk three hours a week lower their risk for stroke by 43-percent, and, physical exercise may be the key to preserving healthy brain function.

Another way to cut your stroke risk, is to watch your diet. Diets filled with olive oil and potassium rich foods, like bananas, can lower your risk by 20-percent.

Quitting smoking, and keeping cholesterol and blood pressure at healthy levels can also help. And high stress levels and anger can cause thickening of the neck arteries, which can also lead to stroke.

And Finally Think FAST to recognize stroke symptoms.

F- for-FACE, watch for an uneven smile or numbness.

A-for-ARMS and legs, which can become numb or paralyzed.

S-is-for SPEECH, t could be slurred or confusing.

Finally, T-is-for TIME, you don't have much of it! if you suspect a stroke, call 911, because every second of time lost is brain lost.

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