Stop cyberbullying day

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Today is “unite against bullying” day and social media sites are trying to do their part.

Facebook recently put out a “Cyberbullying Safety Manual” and Google will host several “Hangout Sessions” beginning tomorrow to bring about awareness.

A child who is the victim of a cyberbully may not want to go to school or to after school events. They may also seem depressed or angry.

To stop a cyberbully it’s important for them to feel comfortable telling you, or someone else, that this is going on. The next step is to go to a teacher, possibly the principal and maybe the police. It’s also important your child save the messages they’re getting. The saved messages and/or pictures could be considered evidence if the police do get involved.

As part of “Unite Against Bullying Day” many people will be wearing orange today to support the “make it orange and make it end” movement.

October is also “National Bullying Prevention Month.”

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