Sources of stress go beyond the workplace

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- A study measuring the level of the stress hormone cortisol levels of people at both work and home finds one location more stressful than the other.

We may live in a place where no two sunsets are the same, but like it or not there is stress in paradise. What do you worry most about? Is it health, money or family?

The answer may surprise you.

Suncoast resident Bruce Hearon is successful, happily married, and has two girls. “We live in a different world today; a very unsafe environment. And being that they both go to college, I worry about those type of things.”

Everyday things. “Driving, texting, there's a lot of things to worry about.”

Then there’s concern over a stock market near an all-time high that could be due for a correction. “That could be very stressful because your clients are counting on you to make sure that they don't have significant losses.”

When it comes to stress, he is not alone, says mental health counselor Bill Deacon.

“On the Suncoast, people are very stressed out.”

One reason is work. “There's all kinds of financial concerns. I think people in their jobs have more responsibility than they've ever had in their lives.”

Another is family. “Difficult relationships, difficult marriages.”

Who you work with could be the cause of your stress. “Bosses that are critical parents, that talk down to their employees, so I think there's a lot of stress.”

Hearon says work is stressful because he cares about his clients. “It’s a great responsibility handling their money, and I understand their stress is making sure that their money lasts the rest of their life.”

But does work or home cause more stress? Researchers at Penn State University find men and women often feel most stressed at home, possibly because we are more emotionally vested.

Hearon can relate when it comes to family. “Their safety is the biggest concern I have with the school shootings and those kinds of things.”

Stress can cause headaches, back pain, ulcers and more serious thing like chronic fatigue syndrome, even fibromyalgia. But there are things you can do to help yourself, including exercise and sleep.