Smart snacking instead of mindless grazing may help cut down on weight gain

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Research suggests obese men and women snack more frequently than normal-weight men and women. In fact, a recent National Health and Nutrition examination survey found 1 in 6 obese people get nearly half of their calories each day from snacks alone.

You may want to plan your snacks for the week like you would your meals.

Cutting up up fruits and vegetables and putting them in sandwich bags or a plastic container is a good way to go. This not only gets them “ready to go” it also allows you to put together the appropriate portion sizes.

Having snacks readily available at your desk or in your office can also keep you from “grazing” throughout the day. Try picking one night and putting all of your snacks together for the week. You’ll save yourself some time each morning, too, because your prep-work will already be done.

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