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Sick from the cold? Reality or myth.

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Bikini weather's out and down jackets are in here on the Suncoast, that's a cold reality.

But fact or fiction, do layers and bundling up really protect you from getting sick.

We over plants, bring in the pets, and bundle up to avoid catching a cold, and, t's long been debated whether you can get a cough, cold or the flu from a change in weather.

"It doesn't matter whether or not you bundle up to catch a cold, because it doesn't have anything to do with it." Said Vilma Vega, M.D., of Infectious Disease Associates, "You really catch a cold from other people who are infected."

But what about the flu?

"Colds and the flu are transmitted by contact." said Marilee Arnold, Medical Director of the Emergency Room of Doctor's Hospital of Sarasota, "including touching infected surfaces."

Arnold explained, "Somebody can cough on you, somebody can sneeze on you, sharing a drink with somebody if they've slobbered all over it."

Dr. Vega said, "When infected people spend more time indoors near others, it put those around them at risk which is why more people get sick more in cold weather."

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