Seniors and safety travel tips

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There could be more to worry about than packing when getting ready for a trip, and, some people, including the aging are taking unseen risks when they travel.

If you are of a certain age, this may be the perfect time in your life to travel explore see the world, but there may be hidden dangers in the un-chartered territory of foreign lands. here how you can protect yourself.

Richard bailey is 93, he and his wife Suzie Wallach are getting ready for a trip. Their six week European cruise is taking them to Italy. These experienced world travelers of a certain age checked in with their doctor before departing.

"I don't know whether there is a doctor on the ship." Said Walach. But she needs not worry because their physician, Dr. Lou Cohen of Lerner-Cohen in Sarasota has tips to keep them safe on vacation," He said, "Make sure there's a doctor on board, even though most cruise lines do have medical personal, and let the cruise director know if you are on a special diet."

But because these two two adventurers have an extra long trip there are precautions.

"Take prescription drugs such as, diabetes, heart, and allergy medications in your carry on for easy access," Said Dr. Cohen, "And, pack enough for a couple of weeks more than the length of your trip for emergencies."

The world travelers are up to date on their routine vaccinations and required immunizations for their destination, and have done their research

"You pick a good ship and a good line, and you have no problem." Said Bailey.

Even so, Dr. Cohen suggests you take some familiar over the counter medications with you."

The couples destination is Italy, and although food in Italy is rarely a problem, but, food is safer heated rather than cold and best cooked well. Tap water may be contaminated in some countries, so avoid veggies and fruits including salads that may be washed in water and say no to ice cubes.

The most important thing you can do is to get a check up before you go on your trip and check with your doctor in-case there are any special needs you may have so that you can be worry free and enjoy your trip.

The best thing you can do if you are going on an overseas trip, or any trip for that matter is to plan ahead so that in the worst case scenario you will be safe... and if you have a medical i.d. bracelet, wear it.

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