Saying goodbye to a beloved pet

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Dr. Howard Small, V.M.D.,  of Forest Lakes Animal Clinic in Sarasota said it's never easy for owners to know when is time to euthanize a pet, but there are some signs to look for at home.

"When your pet stops doing what it loves, and responding to you," explained Dr. Small. " For example, if it's not moving around, not coming out for food, if it's having to be carried out to defecate or urinate all the time, if it's shaking, there are clinical signs you may see," said Dr. Small.

That's the time to talk to your veterinarian who will guide you, but don't act out of convenience added Dr. Small.

Dr Small said, "don't euthanize a pet because you are going away on a trip, or you just don't want this pet anymore. We can certainly adopt out that pet, talk to your veterinarian, or talk to a local no-kill animal shelter."

Dr. Small said the decision to give another pet a home after your pet has passed is a very personal one. Don't think of it as replacing a pet; think of it as giving another pet a great home.

When the time comes I think it's best for you to be there with your pet, either with a friend or a family member for support to come in with you

Although saying goodbye is never easy, the best time to let go is when there is still some tail wag, or purr left.