Saving Muscle As We Age

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Many of us exercise to build muscle and look our best. But as we age our bodies change our workout goals should, too.

Dr. Mark Schickendantz is a sports health expert of the Cleveland Clinic and a senior athlete. He said maintaining muscle mass as we age starts by keeping it simple. “You’re not going to get the big muscles you did back when you were 18, 20 years old. Your goal is to stay healthy, stay active and not to hurt yourself."

We lose muscle mass as we age, this is normal, and you can slow the process down by doing regular resistance training.

It’s not about loading up the bar and trying to set your personal best bench press.

Dr. Schickendantz said to maintain muscle mass as we age, it’s about lighter weight and more reps. “As we get older we want to make sure we can move that weight a good 12-15 times and not really drop down much lower than that because that puts too much stress across the joints.”

He explained that even doing things like push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups can help.

Cardiovascular training should also be part of the routine and it doesn’t hurt to try something like yoga, or some other balance-building techniques.