Sarasota Memorial Hospital gets an update, on the outside and the inside.

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Smart phones, smart TV's and now Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) joins the ranks of smart. After more than a decade in planning and construction SMH is ready for the big reveal and to share how patients will benefit.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital's much anticipated $250 million improvement project is ready for the big reveal.

The hospital is moving several medical units into its new courtyard tower, but, what does this mean for patients?

Sara, a virtual assistant there to help you the minute you enter the lobby of new courtyard tower at SMH, and she's just one of the new technological advances 250 million dollar improvement project.

The 9 story courtyard tower replaces the older facilities on campus built in the 1950's and 60's and patient rooms are updated with high tech features

"There are so many things that we can do for infection control safety for security for even our most fragile little patients in the NICU." Said President and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Hospital.Gwen MacKenzie.

To protect newborns a three tier infant abduction system has been implemented. here's how it works. If the wrist band is cut or removed the alarms go off, the doors are shut and security is called. An umbilical cord clip is another safe guard.

If the umbilical cord comes within a certain distance of the exit doors, the doors are shut, the doors lock and security is called. As an added security feature, health unit coordinators monitor the halls, to prevent those unauthorized from entering or leaving.

Spacious private rooms designed for comfort replace older semi private rooms, floors are energy efficient with automatic lights, and the enhanced nurse call system helps nurses keep track of patients comings and goings.

Technology is everywhere, from the latest infection control features to electronic medical records. the new orthopedic and cardiac units halls are lined with original art as part of the campaign to provide a healing environment for patients, and there is outdoor space featuring a giant snow-globe and time capsule.

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