Sarasota company develops groundbreaking blood clotting product

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SARASOTA, Fla. - A health product invented and developed in Sarasota stops bleeding, seals wounds and offers hope to thousands of seniors in our community prone to hospital acquired infections, suffering, thin blood and thin skin

One of the biggest problems in hospitals today are hospital-acquired infections. “When people go into hospitals and they need medications or nutrients, they put in a catheter or an access line,” says Patty Norris, Biolife's director of business development for health care.

And that is how catheter-related infections enter the body. “Bacteria enters through the catheter, or at the catheter site, the skin junction there.”

Now, more than two hundred hospitals use Biolife’s StatSeal product. “Our product StatSeal works at the catheter site to essentially protect that site,” says Norris.

StatSeal is the healthcare professional’s version of Biolife’s over-the-counter WoundSeal powder compressed into a disc. “This disc is primarily used for vascular access procedures, and when you take this disc and you put it around a catheter and you slide it down, it creates a seal.”

Biolife's executive vice president Timothy Kelly says the product helps those in hospital, home or nursing facilities heal faster and minimize risk of infection. “As you get older, you get thin blood, you get thin skin, and normally you have some issues becoming immuno-compromised.”

The powder used in both WoundSeal and StatSeal was discovered by a 75-year-old scientist by accident while working on a water purification project. “He spilled some of this product on his hand by accident where he had cut himself, and it stopped the bleeding.”

The powder in the product works with a protein, says Norris, so you don't need platelets. It doesn't work with the body's clotting cascade; that's what makes it so different. “This product can help seal up wounds, minimize dressing changes and minimize complications.”

WoundSeal is found in 25,000 retail outlets nationwide, and StatSeal’s numbers are growing.