Royal baby blunder. Did the new parents make a dangerous mistake leaving the hospital?

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It was a perfect scene, the proud new parents of the Prince of Cambridge left the hospital with their beautiful, healthy baby boy. harnessed in his Britax baby-safe plus infant carrier. But wait, was that a Royal family "Faux-pas" spotted by millions before the car door closed?

The Royals seem to do everything correctly, but, the buzz on social media that a Royal baby blunder may have been commited.

Dr. Suzanne Southerland, of Paradise Pediatrics in Sarasota said, "This child is not securely fastened at all." She referred to the child car-seat harness that appeared to be incorrectly fastened on the baby. "The harnesses that goes on the child were extremely loose on the child and their arms and their legs. She said.

When the child is not secure in the car seat, if the car stops suddenly, the child l can become a projectile object from the car seat.

Besides the loose straps, there were other safety issues. Petra Vybiralova of All Children's Hospital said, "The baby's arms and legs should go through the harnesses, and the harnesses should go over the shoulders. They were very loose the blankets wrapped around the baby, the blanket should be put over the harness which should be snug on the child"

Here's what to look for when purchasing a car seat said Vybiralove, "Make sure iit fits your child, and that it fit's your car, go to Babies R Us, or another baby supply store and try it. if you buy a car seat that you think you is the best then you get into the vehicle and you are unable to fit it in properly, you probably will not be able to use it."

When in doubt, check it out. You can have your car checked by a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

A one pound object times thirty miles an hour hits with a thirty pound force, so imagine the force of travelling on I75 with a 5-lb object. Secure your baby properly to avoid injuries.

"Be aware of the shoulder strap reaching on the neck or the face, orif the lap strap is not snugly on the hip. It is across the belly we may see actually abdominal injuries, planic injuries, liver contusion, if the child is in an accident."

Dr Southerland she goes out to the car with each adn every new patient with a baby or child to make sure that thay are using their car seat correctly. She offers these words of wisdom for new parents in a rush

"It takes one time, one accident then you've lost your chance."

Car seats in the United States are all required to meet the same safety standards with the same labeling. so, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for your child to be safe in the car seat. make sure that the car seat fits your child and your car properly, and is easy to use most important that you use is correctly.

For information, or to make an appointment to have you car seat checked go to All Children's website.