Red wine is known to be good for you, but, does it help those with Alzheimer's?

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More than 5-million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. There's currently no cure, but, new research finds a link between a protein that often leads to Alzheimer's disease and an anti-aging protein found in red wine.

Red wine is reported to be good for your heart and its anti-oxidant properties have been linked to fighting cancer... but, a new study finds resveratrol the natural chemical compound found in grapes, red wine may increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, but some local doctors say maybe not.

About a quarter of us are born with a cholesterol carrying protein that is a major genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Now, research finds a link between this and another anti-aging protein sir that is targeted by resveratrol present in red wine.

Resveratrol potentially can have a positive impact on that anti-aging protein.  The chemical properties has been reported as being beneficial to many other conditions.  But does this doesn't mean we should increase our red wine intake said De. Einisman, "The person may not get Alzheimer's disease, but may get another type of dementia, alcoholic dementia." And Fitzgerald added, "Alcohol is definitely going to impair your ability to think, reason make good decisions

Other medical conditions may be exacerbated by too much red wine said Dr. Einisman. "Liver problems and then diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions."

Fitzgerald pointed out that alcohol actually inhibits rem sleep and we have to have rem sleep during the course of sleep cycle to be able to fully rest our body and our brain.

This study said Dr. Einisman should not encourage you to start drinking, and, Michael Fitzgerald has other suggestions on your risk factors. He said,"Overall all health is a much better predictor of Alzheimer's disease or any type of cognitive impairment"

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