Red meat consumption linked to type two diabetes

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The Journal of the American Medical Association reports on findings that eating more red meat over time increases your risk of type two diabetes. but what is in your meat may also contribute to the disease says Louis Cohen, M.D..

"The consumption of red meat specifically types of red meat that have been cured, such as hot dogs and bacon have an adverse effect have a bad effect on the development of diabetes."

He adds that the toxins found in these meats may have other contributing factors.

"They also may cause inflammation in the body whether or not there's an inflammatory component that somehow provokes or leads to diabetes inflammation of the pancreas perhaps is one of the thoughts."

Registered dietician, Bonni London says that the study, conducted over a twenty year period involving a large group of people has another common thread.

"A lot of these people of course were in addition overweight."

And there are other benefits to eating meat, but, she cautions know what and how much you are consuming .

"I think there's things that you can get in meat that are very nutritious, but i think quality does matter, maybe choosing some grass fed beef or maybe just in moderation."

Its all about balance says London

"The fact that they were eating more red meat means that they were squeezing out other elements of their diet."

And its not just about not eating the fat that comes from red meat.

"We're not eating enough of the healthy fat, the omega three's the mono unsaturated fats wild fish, avocado, nuts seeds olive oil."

But there is good news about how choosing wisely can affect type two diabetes

"You can actually go off medication if one does adopt a healthy lifestyle and does achieve success with that."

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