Public may be heavily Influenced by Rx Drug Commercials

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Americans are learning about prescription drugs not only from their doctors, but through television commercials. Advertising could possibly spur an increase in prescription drug abuse across the nation.

As prescription drug abuse continues its attack on American society, recent studies have shown that Americans are being heavily influenced by prescription drug advertisements on television. With the growth of prescription drug abuse now considered a rampant epidemic, a Florida medical detox center worries that the advertisements are in advertently contributing to the increase.

Novus Medical Detox, which is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission, warns the public against risking their health by relying too heavily on prescription drug advertisements for quality health information.

Studies show that ads about prescription drugs can influence not only consumers, but also doctors to a degree that may subject the public to more harm than good:

Of over 1,000 adults polled,

10% say they have asked their doctors for a prescription for a drug they saw advertised;

41% of those patients say they were given the prescription they requested and another 25% say they received free samples from their doctor;

Respondents under age 50 were more likely to get the prescription they wanted (49%) compared with older adults (29%) who made such requests.

91% say they've seen or heard prescription drug ads, most often on TV (78%) and in magazines (31%).

Despite some proponents of prescription drug ads saying they “foster an informed conversation about health,” Novus Executive Director, Kent Runyon, worries that the influence could spark an increase in the already abundant prescription drug abuse.

“People often unknowingly become addicted to prescription drugs – many don’t realize it until it becomes too late,” said Runyon. “These advertisements constantly tout these medications and their potential benefits, but underemphasize their dangerous side effects.”

The addictive qualities of prescription drugs often force abusers to avoid detox and rehab at all costs – the difficult withdrawal process leads many addicted individuals to continue their drug use even when they desire to live a sober life.

Novus opened its doors with the purpose to fix the detox process to ensure that anyone could overcome prescription drug addiction comfortably. Unlike many other detox programs, Novus pays particular attention to strengthening their patients’ bodies through a proprietary I.V. vitamin cocktail that is tailored to make the detox process as painless as possible and replenish nutrients lost during drug abuse. The vitamin I.V. is an advanced medical finding that has allowed them to handle the toughest of drug and alcohol cases – cases that are rejected from other facilities as “too high a risk.”

Runyon advises those considering prescription drug use to first do the following:

Have an in-depth conversation with your doctor. A medical professional should tell you your best course of action, and it may not contain prescription drugs.

Be skeptical. Remember that ads often paint a positive overall picture of a drug and the side effects could be worse than the ailment you’re trying to cure.

Be open-minded. Your doctor may suggest treatment options other than medication. In many cases, symptoms or discomfort can be assuaged with natural remedies.

“Prescription drugs are not an absolute cure, by listening to the risks and the benefits, you are then enabled to make the best decision for your health,” said Runyon.