Protect your eyes from hazards of the pool

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The pool looks so inviting, Its cool, refreshing and beckons us to jump in but wait!!! do you know what's lurking in the water?

If you have blurry vision with red and sometimes painful eyes, you may be the victim of swimming pool induced pink eye or chemical conjunctivitis.

Board certified ophthalmologist Dr.Cathy McCabe, of the Eye Associates said, "The more acidic the water is the more irritating it is to the surface of the eye." but most of the time there's no cause for concern, " It usually isn't a long lasting irritation," she explained, "it's simply from the chlorine."

Chemical conjunctivitis is the non viral type that usually clears up on its own, but can you avoid it?

The best way to do that is by wearing protective eye-wear such as goggles for the pool the other is to swim in a pool that is with chemicals that are controlled.

Dr.McCabe warns that public pools may be even more harmful to your eyes.

"Under treated pools can breed bacteria," she said, "and, there can be other people that have eye infections who are swimming, particularly with viral infections. Those are very easily transmitted either on hard surfaces or through the water.

If you do get viral conjunctivitis, you will need to see your eye doctor, but here's what you can do if you are just looking for chemical relief.

Flush them with some water and try to eliminate the irritation, or, try some artificial tears are a good way to flush out your eyes and there are lubricating drops.

"Those are simple to ge in the pharmacy, you don't have to have a prescription for that and you can keep those in the refrigerator," Said Dr. McCabe, "This way they're a little cool, and they feel refreshing as well." she adds, "If your thinking about rubbing your eyes for quick relief, don't do it because it only makes the problem worse.

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