Pet holiday health hazards

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It's the holidays season, which means pet owners have to be on the lookout for extra health hazards.

Cats, dogs and other pets are attracted to glass ornaments which pose a danger if swallowed or stepped on, tinsel is also a danger if ingested and can cause damage if you pull on it said Veterinarian, Dr. Kate Cole, D.V.M, of Dr. Kate's Pet Clinic in Sarasota.

Candle flames are also dangerous and seasonal plants that may be toxic to your pets.

Chocolates given as gifts can be sniffed out by an inquisitive nose, and that that cookie dough can expand in your pets stomach requiring emergency surgery said Dr. Kate.

Dr. Kate Cole, better known as Dr. Kate of Dr. Kate's Pet Clinic in Sarasota said. "there's so many extra wires out at Christmas, obviously, and there chew able. Cats love to chew wires, puppies love to chew wires, and that will immediately cause damage to their lungs." Dr. Kate expanded."They will bleed into their lungs when they chew and get electrified. It's usually not that deadly, but it's a very serious thing."

If you suspect your pet has swallowed, something and you don't know what it is, contact your veterinarian, because waiting could mean the difference between life and death said Dr. Kate.