Overcoming Homework Stress

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The kids are back at school, which means they’ll be coming home with work to do, too.

Homework stresses lots of kids, but it doesn’t have to be such an emotional burden each night.

The first step to overcoming homework stress is to have a plan.

It’s OK to give your kids a chance to unwind after school, give them a half-hour to get a snack and relax, but then start the homework right away.

You can also schedule a certain hour of the day as the homework hour or set a goal like “Homework will be done before dinner.” This allows for the expectations to be clear, and when it comes to really big homework assignments mom and dad can offer some advice.

Let your kids know that you are there to help without doing the work for them. typically, getting them organized and on the right track will alleviate homework stress significantly.

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