Nik Wallenda signs up for Lasik following eye trouble on his historic Grand Canyon walk

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Imagine you're walking across the Grand Canyon 1,500 feet above the ground, on a two inch wire, holding a long balance pole. Now, imagine this, your eyes start to itch, they are dry and watery. Whaddya Do?

Well if you're Nik Wallenda, you finish the walk then sign up for Lasik.

"My eyes were really dry as I was finishing that walk, of course we were out in the desert in Arizona, over the Grand Canyon and its really dry." This is what prompted the local daredevil to do something about his eyes.

"I don't want to have to worry about my eyes while I'm up on the wire anymore." He said.

His eye problems started years ago, he is near sighted and couldn't see distance at all, not a good thing if walking fifteen hundred feet above mother earth on a hire wire is part is what you do for work and pleasure.

William Lahners of Center for Sight is Wallenda's ophthalmologist.  He said Nik had some serious problems with his contacts when he was crossing the Grand Canyon. "There was dust, there was wind, that was getting underneath his contacts he was miserable, he obviously couldn't rub his eyes, cause he was having to hold his bar."

Wallenda said the first time he put contacts in it took an hour, he had infections from the contacts, and even tried fish oil. He finally sought help and was diagnosed with dry eyes.

Cathleen McCabe of the Eye Associates said. "If they have dry eye and they aren't tolerating their contact lenses, and they want to get rid of contact lenses Lasik allows them to do that." but she cautions, "It worsens dry eyes, at least temporarily."

Dr.Lahners said, "NIk is a very healthy person, Nik has extremely healthy eyes, and Nik is an outstanding candidate for the surgery." And, those with flexible lenses that work and are still able to change shape and focal length benefit most from Lasik. Said Lahners.

Wallenda is excited because the surgery itself takes only minutes, he will be bedridden for only a day and other than some temporary burning, irritation and minor discomfort he will be on his way to healing.

"You can actually get up and you can go and get on the wire the following day." Said Wallenda.

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