New special embryo incubator helps Ohio couple conceive

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Fertility problems can be heartbreaking for couples who dream of starting a family.

One Ohio couple felt like they had done everything to get pregnant and then had the chance to try a new IVF tool. They now have two very good reasons to believe it works. Identical twins Claire and Charlotte marks.

“We spend an awful lot of hours in the laboratory working on new techniques and when we see the results of what we’re doing…it’s very satisfying.” Said Dr. Nina Desai of the Cleveland Clinic

The Marks twins are the first babies born at Cleveland Clinic using new IVF technology. It’s a special embryo incubator with a sophisticated camera to capture embryo development every 15 seconds.

“What it allows you to do is to continuously image the embryos as they grow, not bring those dishes out. Said Desai, "The embryos just stay in their little wells and they grow and we can peek at them at any time of the day we want.”

Embryos change from moment to moment and experts can now see those changes and possibly better determine which embryo will lead to a successful pregnancy.

Desai explained, “In the past we’ve never been able to see that, to evaluate what characteristics are associated with an embryo that is more likely to implant.”

Dr. Desai says pregnancy rates are high when using the new technology and believes it may give her team a slight edge in complex cases.

Ed and Caroline who struggled for more than a year to start a family have two very good reasons to agree.

“We were thrilled and in disbelief that everything had just come together and worked so perfectly.” Said mother Caroline.

Ed Marks the twins father said, “The process works and the technology is amazing and there’s hope out there if you’re in the same situation.”

Dr. Desai concluded over 100 patients have used the new technology to date and when using it, pregnancy rates have been greater than 60%.

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