New fillers and wrinkle relaxers are competing to make you look younger

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When you think about non surgical facial rejuvenation, certain familiar brands have dominated the market. But, a lot has changed recently and now there are choices.

The world of fillers and injections offers more variety than ever for those on the quest for the fountain of youth and beauty. Products that lift, plump and erase wrinkles are are entering the marketplace ready to compete for your dollars and reflection.

Judith Silver said she wanted to look good, and didn't feel she was aging well her to do something about it. "I saw a picture of myself, and said, who is she?" She said. So, she brought a picture of how she used to look to dermatologist Dr. Liz Callahan of SkinSmart Dermatology.

"I look at it quite like an artist looks at a sculpture." Said Dr. Callahan. She explained each face is unique and she looks at the three dimension shape of the face to determine where lost volume needs to be replaced. For this she can choose from a variety of FDA approved products.

But now all fillers work the same way. Take for instance Sculptra which stimulates collagen.

"Its actually something that you do over time, several injections are necessary to grow the collagen that you need to reshape the areas os the face that you need to reshape." She explained.

There are ways to check for those concerned about counter-fit products said Dr. Callahan.

"BOTOX as well as the other manufacturers Dysport and Ziamin have created labels that are basically counter fit proof and if you're ever interested in making sure that you're getting the right product, always examine the label."

Choosing which new product to use sounds complicated, but, not so, said Dr. Callahan.

"Really my job is quite easy, I just have to select the proper filler to go in the right spot to reshape and rejuvenate exactly the way they were."

So, how does Silver feel about her face now?

"It makes me feel wonderful, it makes me feel happy." She said, then described her husbands reaction. "The grin on his face, i said are you laughing at me? he said, no, you just look so beautiful."

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