Nausea medication not linked to birth defects

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More than half of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting- typically early in their pregnancy.

About 10-15% of them need medication to cope, but worry it may harm their baby.

But a new danish study finds no link between the commonly prescribed nausea medication Metoclopramide, or Reglan as it is commonly called, and a risk of birth defects or stillbirth.

Researchers at Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen looked at 1.2 million pregnancies in Denmark from 1997-2011. They compared outcomes for women who used Reglan and those who did not.

Results show no increased risk of spontaneous abortion, preterm birth, low birth weight, fetal growth restriction, cleft palate, neural tube defects, or limb reduction.

Researchers say Reglan is one of the most commonly used prescription medications in pregnancy, but until now, there was limited data.

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