Mowing may be the next form of meditation

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What may seem like a chore at this time of year has actually been found to be relaxing. Whether it’s the sound of the lawn mower, the smell of the fresh cut grass or the look of a freshly mowed law, research shows that mowing has some real perks.

Kansas State University turf grass specialist Jared Hoyle says mowing is a chance to get away from the office, turn off your cell phone and just have some time to think, but there’s more.

Researchers from the University of Queensland Brisbane discovered that a chemical released from a mowed lawn actually makes people feel happy and relaxed.

There is even a scent available called “Eau de Mow” with the same calming effects.

but while you’re out relieving some stress keep in mind that you can put stress on your lawn if you get carried away and cut it too short.

And, there is a benefit for the environment. Keeping your grass a little taller will also help you conserve some water because the taller blades will provide some shade.

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