Medical Marijuana, the pros and cons

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There is much debate about the proposed legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, and, recently CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta apologized to the American people for misleading them about the benefits of the plant.

There are many ways medical marijuana can be used , and a number of conditions that people are using it to treat. said Dr. Louis Cohen of Lerner Cohen Healthcare in Sarasota. "Multiple sclerosis, aids, cancer pain debility, even people that are just in the latter stages of life,"

One Suncoast resident who wished to remain anonymous, suffers from several medical conditions that he said could benefit from the use of medical marijuana. "Diabetic neuropathy, hard core insulin resistance pancreas problems I mean Ive got a whole list of ailments"

But what about the risk and side effects?

"Not having a sandwich in the house, not being able to get a cold drink". he said are the results of the "Munchies" which is a best known side effect of marijuana.

Cannabis increases your appetite and is one of the reasons marijuana is used in treatment of wasting diseases.

But, what about other legal, less addictive forms of medication that may be used to treat the same conditions?

Our anonymous local said."How many people around here do you know that's been killed with Oxycontin Ive lost probably ten friends in the past fifteen years over prescription drugs."

There are proponents of using medical cannabis in the medical community that say the benefits of using it may far outweigh the possible adverse consequences, and you may not know, but there is an approved medication that is a derivative of medical cannabis, used to treat some conditions ranging from anorexia, people with difficulty eating, weight loss, and in the late stages of life.

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