Many women still unaware of fertility issues

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Half of reproductive-age women have never discussed fertility with their medical provider, is just one of many findings from a new survey from Yale University.

Researchers developed an online survey asking women between the ages of 18 and 40 about their beliefs, attitudes, practices, and knowledge about reproductive issues. A representative sample of 1,000 women participated in the survey. Some of the results included 40 percent of women were concerned about their ability to conceive, 20 percent were unaware that STDs, smoking, and obesity can affect fertility, and 40 percent believed their body continued to produce eggs during their reproductive years.

"This study, on one hand, brings to the forefront gaps in women's knowledge about their reproductive health, and on the other, highlights women's concerns that are often not discussed with health providers," senior author Jessica Illuzzi, MD, was quoted as saying. "It is important that these conversations happen in this ever-changing family landscape."

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