Kids who sleep more may eat less

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When it comes to childhood obesity, people tend to blame fast food, sugary drinks, super-sized everything, too much time playing video games and not enough time exercising. However, new research is suggesting that part of blame may be how much sleep your child is getting.

The study conducted at the Miriam Hospital and Alpert Medical School of Brown University involved 37 children; 27 percent of whom were overweight or obese. For the first week of the study, children were asked to sleep their usual amount. The second week, the group was randomized to either reduce or lengthen their sleep time. Participants completed the opposite sleep schedule during the third and final week of the study.

During the week that the children increased their sleep, they reported consuming an average of 134 fewer calories per day, weighed half a pound less, and had lower fasting levels of leptin, when compared to the week of decreased sleep.

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