Keeping kids healthy on Halloween

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Keeping kids healthy on Halloween

It’s no secret, kids love getting candy on Halloween.

but if you’d like to try to pass out healthier treats this year and still satisfy their sweet tooth, you do have options.

You can try the same tactic with fruit, or a small bag of pretzel sticks and a little dark chocolate. For kids who don’t have nut allergies, any dark chocolate mixed with cashews, almonds, or even unsalted peanuts is considered a healthier option.

The nuts are packed with the healthy mono-unsaturated fats and the dark chocolate provides heart-healthy benefits.

You also can try prepackaged bags of trail mix or dried fruit, and popcorn is high in antioxidants and fiber, so popcorn balls are not a bad option on Halloween because, they’re not filled with the excess sugars other treats provide and in this case, size matters.

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