Increasing number of baby boomers are getting cataract surgery

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Live long enough, and you will likely have cataract surgery. But, some are electing to go under the knife earlier than they ever expected.

If you have a cataract and you are 60, 50, maybe even 40-something, you are among a growing number of younger people undergoing the surgery to see clearly.

Cathleen McCabe, M.D. of the Eye Associates said Boomers busy lifestyle may be one of the most compelling reasons they are opting for cataract surgery sooner than later. She added, "They are much more active and healthy and they really want to continue to do all the things they've done in the past and not be slowed down by poor vision or a lack of independence from their glasses."

Dr. McCabe said the surgery takes only minutes, its performed in an outpatient setting where you can wear your own clothes and you leave shortly after seeing better than in years.

Her Patient Linda Kopie, a boomer, said she is glad she had the sight saving procedure.

"I had cataract removal and I had the restore lens put in." Said Kopie.

She opted for the high -tech lens that corrected both distance and near vision and allowed her to go glasses free.

She described her cataract symptoms prior to surgery. "Everything was blurry, I couldn't read the signs until I got right up to them and I would go to read print, it was like I couldn't read the letters."

Now, because of the benefit versus risk more boomers are making the decision to go ahead to have their cataracts removed said Dr. McCabe. But, it wasn't always this easy she explained. "There were many stitches, a large incision, you had to be often times in the hospital for even a couple of days, two weeks."

Kopie, who works with kids driving a school bus said,having the procedure was most important, and she is thrilled with the results.

"It was the best thing I could ever have done because I see colors, its like I'm forty years younger." Said Kopie.

Today, cataract surgery is so safe that if your vision problems are caused by a cataract, you can have it removed and see better immediately. There are choices of lenses, astigmatism can now be corrected there are no stitches.

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