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Hyperbaric chambers heal pets

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It's been more than a couple of decades since Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or (HBOT) has been used to treat people for a myriad of ailments.

Now it is used to also used to treat our pets.

Dr. Anne Chauvet, V.M.D., of Critical Vet Care in Sarasota explained,  "The hyperbaric chamber I think is quite a great novelty, and it is something that is growing in our field, it's non invasive and  the benefits it can create to the pets in general even in a healthy pet that maybe only has arthritis are tremendous."

Dr. Chauvet added, "it's going to alleviate pain, it's going to help recovery, it's going to heal the tissue and diminish any bruising, any swelling that would be in there."

Hyperbaric medicine functions by overloading the body with oxygen beyond red cell carrying capacity expanded Dr. Chauvet by delivering oxygen to the tissue, all the way down to areas that normally would not have oxygen.

Wound care, and wound healing are only a couple of the many benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy said Dr. Chauvet, as well as inflammation like pancreatitis, and post operative healing.

The 60-minutes treatment at Critical Vet Care which takes about an hour and a half total with preparation is $170-dollars

Dr. Chauvet explained that treatments for example for post healing is going to be two to three treatments after surgery, adding If you are looking at a wound care, it can be as much as ten to twenty treatments.