How young is too young for Botox?

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Botox was recently approved by the FDA for treating crows feet, well now, its back in the news sparking debate over when is too early to use Botox for cosmetic use.

Wrinkles are thought by some to add character, so why are such young people concerned about a line or two?

Scott Engel, M.D. of Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center in Sarasota said, "Younger people want to look refreshed and avoid getting the older look, so it such a competitive job market people are having Botox at a younger age."

Our fast paced lifestyle may be to blame for faster growing frown lines, and, expression lines can often be mistaken for moodiness.

"The most common areas for Botox are the glabella, where the muscles between the eyebrows create the eleven look," explained Dr. Engel, "It creates an angry appearance and you don't have to be old to have those wrinkles." And some lines are genetic and forming at a younger age. But, if your teen wants Botox for cosmetic reasons is that too young?

The youngest patients, he said, are usually in their mid to late twenties. But, he explained there are medical reasons why Botox may be used at an early age including eye spasms and to control hyperhidrosis, a condition of people that sweat too much.

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