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HIV treatment injections gaining ground

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Actor Charlie Sheen recently revealed that an inject-able drug has rendered his HIV viral load undetectable.

Community AIDS Network's Medical Director Tanya Schreibman M.D. explained how injectable medicines now offer options and hope for qualifying people with HIV, and of a phase three clinical trial that CAN is recruiting patients for.

Dr. Schreibman said, "the Atlas trial involves two inject-able medicines that people will take once a month, which is in contrast to the daily HIV medications that people typically have to take."

The burden of taking medications every day is difficult for patients, said Dr. Schreibman, but also pill form medication has day to day issues. Some people have nausea, some people vomit after taking medications; people can have all different side effects.

Dr. Schreibman said, "although side effects of daily medications have improved there are many benefits of the once a month drug.  The side effects are really minimal compared to being on daily medications which is one of the huge advantages of injection medicines. Dr. Schreibman added, "but also in the long term it has less toxicity on peoples bodies."

For information on CAN, go to their website, and you can call CAN at (941) 366-0134 to see if you qualify for the Atlas study soon to be conducted at the Community AIDS Network