Healthy tailgating tips

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If you’d like to score a touchdown at your tailgate parties, you have to put together a good game-plan, which includes healthier options.

One way to avoid penalizing your diet while tailgating is to kickoff with some kabobs. If you swap out some chicken breast for a meat kabob, you can save significant calories, saturated fat, depending on how you’re seasoning- even some sodium. And then you can add some vegetables to the kabob and that will up the nutrients.

Try putting the white pasta in a pasta salad, 100% whole grain pasta is the play to make and by doing so, you may cut your risk of coronary artery disease.

you should also avoid tackling too many snacks at a tailgate. You can run up the score pretty quickly on your calorie count if you’re not careful. But if you do snack, huddle up with a few multi-grain crackers, air popped popcorn, or fresh veggies, and send the saltier snacks to the sideline.

And if you’re looking to run a trick-play at your next tailgate party, do an end-around and bust out the baked potato bar. Try preparing the potatoes the night before and store the toppings in plastic containers for easy access.

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