Healthy lifestyles may benefit men with prostate cancer and prior to a diagnosis

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All right men, this ones for you.

you may not aspire to be a marathon runner, but, one study finds walking briskly may have improved outcomes for men with prostate cancer, while the other finds a good nights sleep may help to prevent the disease.

John Sylvester, M.D. of 21st Century Oncology said, "They looked at health care professionals and it showed that men that had exercised routinely and briskly prior to diagnosis when they biopsied their tumors they had more normal shaped blood vessels in their tumors,"

This may explain why exercise is linked to improved outcomes for men already with prostate cancer he explained.

"There's studies a few years ago showed that men that exercised briskly have a fifty-one percent reduced risk of dying of prostate cancer when they're diagnosed from it versus men who don't." Said Dr. Sylvester. "The previous studies showed men with more normal shaped blood vessels in their tumors have a better prognosis."

Vascular Surgeon Dr Russell Samson of Sarasota Vascular Specialists said, the study comparing men walking at a brisk pace with those who walk slowly has some merit.

"Walking is good for everybody, it's good for your circulation, it opens up blood vessels, " He added, "If you've got blood vessels that open up your heart and legs, it stands to reason that it will open up in your prostate, your prostate is going to be better too."

Men should walk more, as it may help with an unwanted side effect

"One of the problems with men who have big prostates, they are constantly going to the bathroom. If you exercise, you may not be going to the bathroom all the time, but at least you'll be getting exercise."

And, a good night sleep may be another form of protection according to another study conducted in Iceland, involving more than 950 men

"They found out that men that had a higher amount of that breakdown, meaning that they had a higher amount of that melatonin levels they had a lower risk of being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer." Said Dr. Sylvester.

This study doesn't prove more sleep reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer but, it's something to be investigated further explained Dr. Sylvester, and it offers hope.

He said, "The more exercise, more sleep and eating right, and this is important for all people with cancer, not just prostate cancer."

The findings of both studies were revealed this month at the American Association for Cancer Research.

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