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Hangover cures for 2017

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Ringing in the new year with a night out?

If overindulging in holiday spirits are in your plans this New Years Eve, then be prepared for a hangover.

You may take the advice of a seasoned bartender, like Jake Gateley, of Patricks on Main Street in Sarasota.

Gately explained, "People will have headaches like crazy, go through a lot of aspirin, a lot of Bloody Mary's in the morning to get the hangover to go away, the old hair of the dog if you will."

Gateley said his specialty of a little vodka, Bloody Mary mix, and maybe some horseradish may help a hangover.

For those wanting a quicker hangover cure, I-V-Therapy does the trick in less than an hour, at a fraction of the cost of the E.R.

Fernando Vega of Hydr8 Hydration Center said, "In our I-V- solutions we have minerals, so you have your magnesium, electrolytes, sodium-chloride, and potassium." Vega added there are other ingredients and nutrients that remove nausea and muscle aches associated with hangovers.

Last year Hydr8 treated 23-patients suffering hangovers, this year the expectation is higher. Vega said, "We are set up to accommodate up to fifty people, and already have reservations for more than half that number."

Sharyn Vross of White Picket Produce, a direct to your door organic produce delivery company said you're want to definitely eat a lot of foods that are going to hydrate you. Vross expanded, "Foods like apples, cucumbers, leafy greens, and watermelon are great choices of foods that are really going to replenish your body. 

Vross added, "Bananas are a  great option they are high in potassium they are starchy so they are going to absorb the alcohol, and things like eggs, toast, oatmeal definitely going to make you feel better with a full stomach."

Stay away from sugar when recovering from a hangover concluded Vross

Vross warned. "Your body is already trying to deal with all the ethanol from the alcohol, you just want to stay away from high sugary foods."

Hydr8 is partnering up with Uber this New Years Eve to make sure you get home safely and are able to get to a hangover therapy treatment with a free ride.

For information on Hydr8 you can visit their them on Facebook.

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