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GPS Cancer test changes the game in cancer treatment

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There is now a test that tells oncologists what an individuals cancer will not respond to, eliminating excess treatments,  unwanted side effects and harming the immune system.

This same GPS Cancer test also informs doctors what the best course of treatment may be.

Following a stage-four lung cancer diagnosis, Sarasota resident Lisa Vince went to see Sarasota Oncologist, Dr. Steven Mamus, M.D., of Cancer Center of Sarasota Manatee. Dr. Mamus accurately diagnosed Vince as having stage 3B lung cancer.

Luckily for Vince, Dr. Mamus was working with GPS Cancer, the test enables analysis of the whole genome and target proteomics, transcending genomics to the era of clinic proteomics in cancer.

Surgeon and scientist, Dr. Soon-Shiong, is the CEO and Chairman of NantHealth, where they work on among other things, innovative cancer diagnostsics.

After three months of directed treatment guided by GPS Cancer, under Dr. Mamus's guidance, Lisa Vince was in remission.

One year later, Vince remains cancer free.