Going gluten free, the new labels by the F-D-A

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Health problems including celiac disease has been linked to eating food containing gluten and there are advocates who think that giving up gluten will help you lose weight. But, If you are gluten sensitive there are grains you need to steer clear of. Now new F-D-A Labeling is making it easier for you to know if it really is gluten free.

Dr. Fred Harvey of the Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine in Sarasota said,

"Because people really need to know if they do have the sensitivity to be able to avoid it, it's the only way to know."

He said that accurately labeling gluten free products is a smart move by the FDA, because gluten sensitivity causes imbalance in the system that may trigger allergic reaction and cause serious illness.

"Chronic inflammation actually causes deterioration in many areas so you can get diabetes from it, you can get cancer you can get heart disease, you can get Alzhiemers disease from Gluten sensitivity." Said Dr.Harvey.

Some diet enthusiasts have touted gluten free as the latest way to lose weight.

"On gluten free, I think that's an excellent choice, even if if you don't have Celiac disease, its a way you can lose weight, I think even Bill O'Reilly himself is on a wheat free diet. Said, Jessica Brunette, DO of Sarasota.

Head Chef of Simon's Coffee House in Sarasota, Tyley Kirby said, "Most everyone will say that they feel, light happy, energy is one of the biggest things, and their complexion changes."

Gluten free advocates including celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham may be inspiration that nixing gluten may help weight loss and, its not hurting the more than four-billion dollar a year gluten free goods market,

"Its all ages, we're finding young people who have gluten index problems as well as older people as well." Said Kirby.

Brunette concurred, "If you cut out the gluten, its like radically changing your bodies ability to heal itself."

Other restaurants including, P.F. Chang's, OutbachEALTHk and Carrabba's are on board offering gluten free options, so if your'e not convinced that going gluten free will help you rock a bikini or stay healthy should you give up the gluten?

"Minimizing Gluten intake and using it in moderation is a smart thing for everyone to do even if they don't have gluten sensitivity." Said Dr. Harvey.