Genetic testing for breast cancer is a difficult decision.

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Since Angelina Jolie's decision to have preventative mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer there has been a big increase in both internet and home genetic testing kits sales said Cathleen McCaan, a board certified genetic counselor of Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

We hear of the genes that are involved in testing, but many don't know that we all carry the genes.  It is the mutation of those genes for which we are tested.

McCaan told me that there is more than one gene mutation and there are many risk factors to weigh including family members who had the disease, how old they were and your ethnic background.

GYN Oncologist, Dr. James Fiorica said that once women make the decision to be tested they should be prepared to act on the results.  He explained that the procedure does reduce the risk dramatically and that mastectomy is followed by reconstruction.

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